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Being a frequent visitor of this island, you might know one of the great things about Mallorca is that there are always plenty of new places to discover.  Each season opening there are many new stores, restaurants and hotels popping up waiting for you.

This year we start with the highly anticipated opening of the boutique luxury hotel “Mamá” managed by the exclusive premium brand “Cappuccino Group”. 

So far the Spanish group was widely known for its restaurants and cafes always located in the most prestigious locations across the islands of Mallorca and Ibiza, and in the cities of Madrid, Valencia, Marbella, Jeddah and Beirut. Now they decided to make the big step to enter the highly competitive hotel industry in Palma de Mallorca opening a boutique hotel situated in Plaza de Cort, a prime location in Palma’s historic quarter at the heart and soul of the city.

Featuring 32 unique and spacious guest rooms – all very bright and with an exclusive decoration – the hotel offers a sumptuous spa, private rooftop pool, gym and a sunny central patio in the heart of Palma. 

Anyway our favourite place of the hotel must be their own private cinema. Yes thats right, they really made this dream come true:

The luxurious cinema, equipped with professional sound and projection equipment, shows a wide range of box office films, enabling guests to sit back and enjoy the very best movies in the only film theatre of its kind in Mallorca.The cinema, designed to delight all five senses, boasts a unique setting and is also the ideal venue for organising meetings and conferences on Mallorca. 

Nowadays many travelers are about to change their vacationing patterns. Instead of going “only” to big brand hotel chains there is a tendency for them to seek for more – more uniqueness, more history and more art. Without a doubt, the Mamá Hotel seems to cover all those new needs.

We believe they make a highly valuable contribution towards the promotion of the Mallorcas other side, far away from mass tourism and are looking forward to send our first guests to this magical place.


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