Get in and take off! Fulfill mankind’s greatest dream of flying: Ballooning is an activity which allows you to fly silently over the island of Mallorca enjoying breathtaking views.

Ballooning is the perfect activity for incentive groups and companies searching for a teambuilding event as everybody can help to build up the balloon. When the balloon is half full, the flames of the burners break the silence of the morning and the sail starts to rise. Once everyone is inside the basket we will take off. After these exciting moments it is time to enjoy the silence and calm down. Meter after meter we rise up into the blue sky of Mallorca. Soon you will see  the island Cabrera and when we reach 300 or 500 meters, we probably can see Menorca. Enjoy the feeling of hovering between earth and sky at the speed of the wind and to look at the islands unique landscape from a bird’s-eye view.

We can organize a ballooning flights for groups up to 140 participants, gathering professional ballooning pilots and teams from all over Europe in order to set up your event. A balloon ride in Mallorca is a magical and unforgettable experience. Just get in touch with our team and we will be delighted to tell you more about this magical once in a lifetime experience.