Project Description

Olive Oil Tastings

Olive Oil Tastings are a very popular activity for incentive groups visiting Mallorca. When you visit Mallorca as part of an incentive or company trip, you might want to learn a bit more about the islands culture and history. Mallorca Elements is always eager to provide our groups with possibilities to support local producers and get to know how companys on the island actually work. Our balearic island is a prime location for the production of high quality olive oil. That is why we believe that it is a highly valuable experience to visit a an olive oil farm. During the visit you might see a traditional Mill, the plantation itself and  of course enjoy a professional tasting of Olive Oil. Did you know that olive oil tastings are similar to wine tastings? We will introduce you into the art of olive oil production and explain how to professionally taste olive oil.

By the way: The famous mediterranean cuisine is in great parts based on the use of olive oil, which is said to be more healthy than other diets – reducing the risk of heart disease – just another reason to enjoy our olive oil tasting activity.

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